Base Hinged Raised & Lower Masts

Designed and manufactured at the Christy Floodlighting factory, providing a range of base hinged raised and lower floodlighting masts from 5m to 20m in height.

Over 12,000 structures manufactured.

LED Floodlighting

Christy Floodlighting offer the most efficient high output LED floodlights currently on the market.

The floodlight has been successfully used for both multi use games areas and full size football pitches.

Unlike many other options currently on the market, the Christy LED system produces an asymmetric beam, meaning the floodlight can be tilted lower thus reducing the visual elements of the internal reflector, but still projecting the light towards the centre of the pitch.

Metal Halide Floodlighting

Christy Floodlighting work with major Europe lighting manufacturers to provide the highest quality metal halide floodlights to the client. With over 20,000 floodlights currently in service throughout the UK. Christy Floodlighting is able able to offer lighting solutions ranging from a single tennis court all the way up to football stadiums.

The company hold a specialist photometric goniometer facility at the Essex factory, providing the ability to independently test specific floodlights so as to confirm and monitor floodlight performance and measure lamp output. This is particularly helpful in monitoring the performance claimed by individual lamp manufacturers, and to this end the company only uses lamps by the leading European lamp manufacturers, namely Philips and Siemens.

Telescopic Masts

The pneumatic telescopic range is a new addition to the Christy Floodlighting mast range, offering the flexibility to operate the lighting system at any height bewteen 5 - 20m.

Incorporated into the standard base hinge mast design, the telescopic system has the ability to lower down and then hinge over to ground level for maintenance purposes.

The system is a perfect solution to projects where planning restrictions limit the height of permanent floodlighting columns. Lowering the telescopic masts to a rest height of 4m means that the visual impact of the flood lighting masts, to the surrounding neighbours, is removed during daylight hours.